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We are proud to offer a full line of originally designed strapped carriers combining the natural beauty of wood an leather. Featuring dark brown vegetable-tanned leather and finished with antiqued brass buckles.

Side bags are available in 9 inch and 6 inch sizes. It's designed to be worn across the chest. Woven with with a bellied front and flat back this basket sits comfortably across the hip. Also features an easy open stitched leather lid. The 9 inch bag has an adjustable 48 inch strap with buckle.

Approximately 7 inch opening and 9 inches in height.

The 6 inch side bag is our most popular strapped carrier. It's every bit as handsome and unique as the 9. This piece is sized to carry your checkbook, cell phone, keys, etc..

Approximately 5 inch opening and 6 inches in height.

9 and 6 inch bags